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This is the place to catch up with the latest thoughts amongst the escorting community, whether you are a client, thinking of becoming a client for the first time, an escort or a commentator on the escorting world, everyone can have their say by responding to a thread or if you prefer just read and consider!!

My escorting life!

When I was quite young I thought I was going to be a dancer in one of the musicals in London, my life would be on the stage dressed in fabulous costumes and admired by all. Later I realised I had no particular skill as a dancer but I was beginning to understand that I had a lot of talent in other areas!!
I live a double life now, one that is for the family and friends and the other is for the gentlemen who love to discover exactly what skills I have in the love department. My “day job”, the one that I hide behind, would be quite boring if it really existed because I pretend to work in sales, which means that no one really knows where my work place is on a day to day basis. Very convenient!!

So my real life is free to take over and my carefree, fun-loving alter ego has the life that I really love living. I adore male company and not knowing who the agency is going to match me up with today is all part of the frisson, the thrill that adds even more spice to every encounter. The skills that I promised are definitely part of my deeply sensual nature, I love to meet sexy guys and wine and dine with them and often find that we take our dessert course back at his place! I’m sure you know what I mean!!!

The talents that became apparent in my teens are now developed to become those which could be envied by any courtesan because, guys….. I really love my work!! I’m paid for my time and companionship and only my client and I decide how that works out, I have an open mind and it could be said that I have an adventurous outlook on life.

I would never have thought about walking the streets…..that’s not who I am. I used my head and approached a well known agency and became an escort and the only thing I worry about is how long I can be an escort, because this is the lifestyle that I love and want to stay with. See you soon boys!!!

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