When the talk is about escorts, all the attention is fixed in Manchester. Yes, it is the ultimate destination to find hot, sizzling and sultry girls. Manchester escorts that we are talking about are not track hoes, streetwalker or escorts with pimps; instead, the girls are of the highest standard – be it education, style or upbringing. The escort agencies operating in the city pick or recruit only those ladies who have incredible track record of academics, glamour and beauty. Let’s delve deeper into the concept and the difference between VIP escort and cheap escorts Manchester.

VIP Escorts:

VIP escorts are super hot models with impeccable style sense. They are the priceless beauties, high-end suitors and the cream of the crop. They further boast incredible academic skills as they have degrees such as BA, MA and Ph.D. VIP escorts are not termed as prostitutes or hookers. They are well-trained and showcase flawless etiquette as they have great upbringing. Girls looking for Manchester escort job and that in the VIP section understand the requirements of the clients and provide high quality escort service. Such escorts pick a name for themselves and often tend to be quite expensive. They further play a diverse range of roles, from becoming fantasy wives to girlfriends, from a loyal friend to someone who can deal with stresses and worries of life.

Cheap Escorts:

Compared to VIP escorts, cheap escorts do not stick to any name to build a brand. They switch from companies to companies, change name from time to time with multiple ads to grab clients’ attention. These types of escorts hardly maintain long term commitments. Besides that girls who are less educated can easily get escort job in Manchester. Unlike VIP escorts, cheap escorts do not charge a hefty amount as their service is not so great as compared to the former.

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